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My essential 3 tips for every couple!

March 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

So here are my essential 3 tips for your wedding day, let me know if you have any words of advice or things that you want to share from a wedding day in the comments below, as always I love hearing from my readers.

Before every wedding I have always meet up with my couples for a consultation, this not only gives us chance to run through the day, and to get to know each other it also gives me chance to calm any nerves the couple may have about their wedding photography, and I always include these 3 tips!

1. Speak to your Vicar/Registrar about what, and where they are happy for the photographer to be and do.

Most vicars and registrars are more than happy for us photographers to do as we please, get the shots we want and move around at our own free will as long as it’s not in an obtrusive manor, Which is great! I have on a few occasions come across others who like the photographer to be in one place and not to move from there, this could be stood next to you or at the other end of the church/ceremony room. This is also fine but would mean you miss out on more intimate shots as you are getting married. And only on two occasions, but definitely worth a mention, I have not been allowed into the church/ceremony room. Like I said though this is very very rare but worth running through with your vicar/registrar before the big day just so you know what’s going on!

2. The confetti shot

I love a good confetti shot! There’s nothing better than capturing this moment as everyone rushes forward and a cascade of confetti covers the bride and groom. Some people have different ideas of how they would like to stage the confetti pose, be it when you are all positioned in the large group photo or to make 2 lines of your guests which you walk through. Both look amazing, just so long as there is enough confetti so that everyone can get a hand full, this makes for a really striking image as it all goes up in the air at the same time. My tip for this though is for if you decide to go for the option of your group in two lines which you walk through. As the confetti starts to go up there can be a reaction of pulling your face back which can result in squinting eyes, and a not so comfortable look on your face (which is actually quite funny on a few images) however just be aware of this and just relax and enjoy the moment, and you’re more than sure to get some wonderful images back from this moment of your day.

3. The First Dance

The finale of your wedding day! A beautiful moment shared dancing to a song that means something personal to you both in front of your nearest and dearest. Some people opt for the dance routine, some people are perfectly comfortable and get lost in the moment, and some people feel a little uncomfortable with the idea. My tip is for the couple that feel a little uncomfortable with it all. It’s fine to do a small dance rocking to the sides where you are close to each other and feel safe, this is not a problem, but just so you can get a little variety in your first dance images just give us photographers one spin, flick that beautiful dress around with you and we can pretty much promise to give you an image you will treasure forever. 

Personally I would probably feel the same, depending on how many Prosecco’s I’d had throughout the day of course would depend on if I do a simple 2 step, or try to go for the Dirty dancing lift!


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